Nerds* from cloudtech austria continuously deliver next-gen
internet solutions and consultancy for highest-demand customers,
keeping their business solutions up and running 24/7.

About Us

Founded in 2012 near Vienna

Starting with only two employees, we are looking back to a whole bunch of challenging projects with very different scopes and sizes. We are creating unbeaten software for lawyers and banks, while running 1.000s of devices in parallel on our backend solutions for gps tracking. Our specialists can provide you with a broad variety of full-stack solutions, including backends, websites and apps, together with the suitable infrastructure.

* cloudtech's nerds are actually highly educated professionals



No matter how big they are.

Our first meeting is always for free. We will provide you with our whole experience to bring your ideas to paper. Together, we can work out your business - from technical and economical perspective.

We are open for every kind of collaboration, we can even do some share models if you need some financial support at the beginning.

Our Services

This is a well selected subset of our team skills, more to come soon!

Elaborate your ideas

We sit together with our technology and fincancial specialists to bring your ideas to life in a near timeframe

Full-stack & Multi-tier solutions

Frontend, Backend, Servers, Hosting Operating your solutions at maximum accuracy

Web design

Every business needs a proper presentation - since 1990 it should also have webpage

App coding

No matter if you want a responsive web-app or a properly programmed iOS/Android app

Bugtracking and maintenance

Once your new idea is live, we can take care about possible bugs and solve them in near time with ultra fast response times

Customer helpdesk

If you like, we can deal with your customers and their problems in a professional way - keeping your head free for new ideas


We analyze your current business cases and bring in our experience to save costs and effort

Security & Backup

We analyze your current solution from a security perspective and provide you with solid backup strategies

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Contact us

We will call or write you back immediately

Fun Facts about cloudtech

They are not realtime (last update 2nd of August 2023)

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